Incident Investigation

When your team or company is involved in an accident, incident or near miss it can be difficult to understand how it came about, what went wrong, what went well and what lessons need to be learnt.

Conducting investigations takes key operational staff away from their positions compounding financial losses, compromising the ongoing operation and distracting them from making improvements.

Simply having the capacity in-house to conduct investigations to an acceptable standard is expensive as investigating is a professional role with significant training, development and practice needed to be proficient.

We can solve these problems. Let us handle your investigation needs for you. Using our experience of conducting numerous accident and serious incident investigations we will conduct high quality, low fuss investigations. We can report in a format to suit your needs, from verbal briefings to the board of directors, through formal written reports for your regulator or simply informal feedback to the team involved.

Serious incidents and accidents put huge stresses on individuals, teams and entire organisations. Compounding direct losses investigations are often insensitive to the needs of the staff involved, the broader organisations and the external stakeholders

We have considerable experience of working with individuals and teams on the worst days of their careers. We are not a counselling service, we conduct generative, open investigations allowing sense making for individuals and helping them realise that operational failure is a learning opportunity.